Zero-Energy Bio Refrigerator Uses Gel-Like Substance To Cool Your Food

A finalist in the Electrolux Design Lab competition has created a fridge that uses zero energy for cooling.

Refrigerators are the second biggest energy consumer in an average household. They use around 13.7% of the total power expenditure of a household next to air conditioners at 14.1%. The invention of the refrigerator dates to the mid-20th century and we have continued to refined their energy spending from 1400 kWh/year to about 350 kWh/year. This is a remarkable reduction of 75%.

However, many innovators and designers are working hard to cut this number to zero. Russian designer, Yuriy Dmitriev, was a finalist in the Electrolux Design Lab competition and his Bio Robot Refrigerator is an appliance of the future. He designed a wall-mounted and fresh-looking fridge, which helps us cool our food, fruit and vegetables by putting them into an inodorous bio-polymer gel.

When you put an orange or apple inside this magnificent gel-like substance, it becomes encased in a balloon where thermal retention keeps it cool. The gel operates by converting UV radiation into visible light which enables cooling via different wavelengths.

One of the best things about this refrigerator of the future is that we can use 90% of its body to store items because there is no motor or electric cooling system. Its surreal look makes it appealing, and there are no doors or drawers. This ensures that all food items are stored at an optimal temperature. It is four times smaller than the size of a normal fridge and it looks like a big piece of green gel in a box frame.

Dmitriev’s futuristic design might sound extraordinary and bizarre and it still has some complications to be worked out. The inventor didn’t provide a more detailed explanation of how this fridge works which leaves us doubtful whether or not this innovative appliance is simply just an eccentric dream.

The fridge is designed to use zero energy for cooling, but it would use a small amount of power for the control pad. In comparison to the typical modern fridge, this futuristic gadget could save us significant amounts of energy.

Whether a viable new appliance or just a pipe dream, it’s refreshing to see designers are making efforts to rethink the designs of our household appliances and trying to improve our energy usage.


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