Year-Round Recycling Ideas for Home and Garden

As we all know plastic bottles are a problem for the environment. We need to think of different ways to reuse and recycle these bottles like making practical decorations or gifts. It is easy to make so many different decorative items from plastic bottles with a few simple, creative, and useful ideas suggested below:

  1. Domestic Diva: Water Bottle Summer Lights - This beautiful flower light will look great hung outside on your terrace or patio this summer. Furthermore, you can use these lights to decorate your next holiday tree. The lights can be used in your children’s room, living room or garden.
  2. Kosmic Chai Crafts: Spring Flowers Mobile From Plastic Bottles - This is a beautiful flower mobile that will look great hanging anywhere in your home or yard. Your children will love the bright colors of this mobile hanging in their windows. As the sun sets the room is filled with magical colors.
  3. The Experimental Crafter: Recycled Bottle Cap Flower Tutorial - This is a beautiful pinwheel that uses recycled bottle caps. This summer, make a few pinwheels to add to your flower pots. When the summer breezes blow, you will enjoy sitting on your terrace watching these pinwheels spin.
  4. Inhabitat: How to Make a Hanging Planter with a Recycled Plastic Soda Bottle - Decorate your garden, terrace, and patio this summer with these beautiful hanging recycled soda bottler planters. The hanging planters make a unique planter for your herbs and other succulent plants.
  5. DIY Recycled Plastic Water Bottle Chandelier - This is a unique chandelier that is great for your home or garden. The project is simple and a great way to recycle old water bottles.
  6. Wiki How: How to Make a Recycled Bottle Broom - This is a great DYI project to keep your home or garden clean with this summer. The recycled bottle broom is so easy to make. If you want to help clean up the environment, then you should do it right by making this handy broom to clean your home with. 

There are so many projects and ideas you can do with recycled plastic bottles. These are only a few of the great reusable crafts you can do with plastic bottles. You can also use plastic bottles to build fences for your home, make a doll house for your little girls to play with, or make a fort in your backyard for the kids. Have fun designing and creating plastic bottle art, lamps, and practical items for your home.



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