Win 30,000 Pounds from Unilever

A whooping 30,000 pounds of funding and partnership with Unilever is a dream come true for hackers in October 2014. Announced by the FMCG giant’s SVP Marc Mathieu, this sustainable hackathon is one of its kind challenge for all entrepreneurs and start-up’s.

This is a welcome challenge and opportunity for all individuals and groups out there to make it big. Given that the basics to get a business or an idea started come with the requirement of an investment to begin; most ideas do not reach a concrete end.

With the FMCG giant allowing people to being in ideas that can contribute to sustainability and receive reward in the form of payment, this gives many beginners a platform to showcase talent.

The company’s challenge of working with data to influence their customers has brought about this revolution in thought. Commencing at the October’s Adtech summit, where Unilever leads the sponsorship, the company will focus on distributing its database to all participants and will have members of its staff available to advise participants.

All participants with a promising project that they are looking to implement are eligible to apply. The purpose of the project is to add the element of sustainable living into our daily lives and make it relevant and interesting so it catches the attention of the common man.

The winner of the idea gets $50,000 to pilot the project and $8,000 as prize money, in addition to the guidance on the project.

Influencing the existing habits of a society to bring about a change in the manner of living can be a task in itself. For example if someone were to just change a shift at work from a day to a night, this would be very inconvenient and cause a lot of stress. In a similar fashion if the living habits of a person are to be altered this could cause stress and also difficulty in adapting. Though not mandatory, when you see a change that could help you reduce your expenditure and increase savings, though difficult the attempt to surpass your fears will always take place.

However selling the idea to a common man will take a of push for one to step out of the comfort zone to embrace the change. Sustainable living a word that could sound very simple could help impact our world in a positive manner. Simple steps to reduce waste, recycle whenever possible and conserve energy can help the world move over to efficient living and a healthier lifestyle.

Unilever ‘s challenge of 30,000 is a big contribution to saving our world and securing our’s and the future of the generations to come. This Anglo-Dutch consumer products company that is co-headquartered in the Netherlands and England meets our everyday needs. Their products include personal, nutrition and hygiene care. With a wide market share and a belief that their products can help people look good, feel good and get more out of their lives, this company has by far proved that its not just here put its products out in the market to increase its sakes but also work towards a better tomorrow.

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