Why Solar Power is the Way Forward

The sun is often heralded as the Earth’s savior as fossil fuel reserves dwindle, and awareness of the planet’s suffocating greenhouse gas plight increases.  Domestic properties worldwide are sprouting solar panels in an effort to generate power for individual households, and many countries with long hours of year-round sunshine are constructing vast solar farms.

How does solar power work?

The interconnected photovoltaic modules, or solar panels, are connected to a central inverter.  This in turn is connected to an EDF network substation where the electrical current is generated. 

Advantages of Solar Power

Solar power has many advantages over other forms of sustainable energy production methods.  Solar is silent and cheap to produce.  Wind turbines are expensive to build and maintain, and emit a continual droning hum that can be heard as a background rumble for miles around.  The solar panels used to harvest the sun’s rays are sited virtually at ground level so there’s next to no visual impact on the surrounding landscape.  The panels and buildings can be further disguised by clever plantings.  Unlike nuclear plants, hydro dams and wind turbines there is no lasting damage to the ground when redundant solar panels are removed so environmental impact is minimal. 

If you own a property that has enough south-facing roof space, you could opt to purchase a few solar panels of your own.  These will generate a small amount of power which could save you a little in the long-run.  Many electricity companies now offer homeowners the chance to make a small amount of money from the electricity they generate by offering to subsidize them.  Excess power generated will be rerouted into the national grid and the originator paid for it.

In Conclusion

Unlike fossil fuels, the sun is a form of energy that is not going to run out for a few million years yet.   We should begin to look seriously at maximizing this clean and plentiful source of power on a much grander scale than we do at the moment.



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Alison Page

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