Trade-in that Old Electric or Gas Cook Top for a Green Model

Do you have elements that no longer work on your old electric cook top? Is your gas cook top considered antique? An induction cook top is an energy saving green alternative to the traditional gas and electric cook tops.

Gas is the cook top of choice by professional chefs. A new electric cook top is on the market that has the same benefits of gas plus a better energy efficiency rating. The new cook top is known as an induction cook top. In an induction cook top, heat is transferred directly to the pot/skillet via magnetic technology. The new technology requires magnetic cookware to transfer heat.

In an induction cook top, two circuits with alternating current flow are placed nearby without touching the opposite circuit. These alternating currents contain fluctuating magnetic fields which results in current flow to conductors. A conductor in the magnetic field in the region of a current creates the second current. Coils beneath the surface with an alternating current result in a changing magnetic field. The current is converted to heat by the pushing and pulling of molecules within the magnetic cookware.

Traditional gas and electric cook tops expel heat into the kitchen. The traditional way to heat food is to apply an open flame or hot surface to the bottom of the pan. Additional energy is required from an air cooling unit to lower the room temperature to a comfortable level for the cooks. Only the bottom of the pot/skillet heats up with an induction cook top, therefore, no additional heat is emitted.

The efficiency rating of an induction cook top is much higher than a gas or traditional electric cook top. A traditional electric cook top is 65% efficient, whereas a gas cook top is only 55% efficient. In contrast, an induction cook top operates at 90% efficiency. A 90% efficient appliance means a lower energy bill for the consumer. As soon as the pot/skillet is removed from the cook top, it changes to an energy saving standby mode. The induction cook top is the choice for a green lifestyle.

An induction cook top is an excellent alternative for families with children since there are no hot elements, flames or fumes. If a child touches a traditional cook top he/she is likely to be burned. An induction cook top does not become hot, only the temperature of the pot/skillet changes.

People have often cited a preference for gas cook tops in the past due to the fast heating time and better control of heat level. Induction cook tops will boil water quicker than gas and the heat level is controlled just as easily. The faster cooking time results in less time in the kitchen.

Induction cook tops have a flat surface. This flat surface is much easier to clean than traditional electric cook tops with heating elements or gas cook tops with grates. The induction cook top can easily be wiped down with a wet cloth.




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