Tips on Starting an Office Recycling Program

Tired of seeing your co-workers throw different kinds of trash on the same bin? Can't tolerate the idea of banana peels and soda cans in the same mixed trash can? Then maybe it's time suggest to your boss to start a recycling program in the office. Here are some tips to help your start it. This will engage your colleagues to start recycling as a team.

1. Get your Management to Support Recycling – It's very important having support from your company. If you show them the benefits like how it will save the company money by having less garbage bills and how recycling boosts employee morale, the management will surely be excited and have it implemented throughout the office.

2. Select and Appoint a Coordinator – The recycling program would need someone to lead it. Choose someone who is enthusiastic about recycling, may it be you, your teammate or a whole team of interested colleagues, he/she/they must be willing to oversee the recycling job duties.

3. Assess your wastes – determine what wastes needs to be recycled. Look at what type of garbage your office throws out. You don't need to go through garbage cans. Simple walk through the different parts of your office like the pantry, conference rooms, office desks etc. Check out what different kinds of wastes materials usually come up with these areas.

4. Plan on How Materials will be Collected – Once your done auditing your office garbage, you will need to find and contact waste management companies. Check and see if your current office garbage pickers provides recycling services. If not, look for other waste collection companies that is best suited for your office.

5. Take it Easy, Start Small- Now that your recycling program is in action, concentrate first on the wastes your office generates in bulk but are easy to recycle like cardboard boxes and paper. Then you can move to recycling soda cans or bottles, then eventually all recyclable wastes are managed. By taking one type at a time, this will help you determine problems that would arise as you go along.

6. Collection Bin Distribution – Labeled bins should be carried out throughout the building. It should be easily accessible and employees should know where they are placed. It's best practice to place recycling bins next to every garbage can. Don't forget labels, identifying what each bin is for is very important.

7. Educate your Officemates – You will need to inform your workmates and all the employees involved about the recycling program for it to work. Show them the importance of recycling and how it helps the environment. Also show them that it's an easy task. You can do this by sending out newsletters or show information through your company's website.

Recycling is easy. May it be in your office or at home. This is a step to helping the environment and building a better community. Now is the best time to go green!


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