The Amazing Billboard that Sucks Pollution and Returns Purified Air

Billboards are spread across our developed cities and, in general, they can be quite displeasing, given that they have a somewhat major impact on the landscape. However, they can be converted into something really useful for the environment, while also keeping their publicity purposes perfectly intact. After the billboard that turned air into drinkable water, meet the billboard that converts polluted into purified air.

The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UETP) is turning its attention to billboards and, after presenting one that produced water from air, is now back with a new type of billboard. This one sucks pollution from the sky and expels purified air into the surrounding areas. But its not just a little bit of air: this billboard can convert up to 100,000 cubic meters of urban air, per day (over 3.5 million cubic feet), which is the same as 1,200 mature trees, according to UETP.

This billboard is totally effective in removing dust, metal and other particles from the polluted air, which can cause potentially life-threatening health problems like cancer, respiratory problems, and others. It is located in Lima, a city with harsh climate conditions - in fact, raining is a rare event there, but the city tends to be humid, because of its proximity to the southern Pacific Ocean.

Back in September 2012, the city of Lima had, according to the World Meteorological Association, he highest air pollution levels in all of South America, mostly related to the emissions by transports and industry. Also, the hills that surround Peru's capital act as a natural barrier that trap the air and prevent its circulation. Even though the pollution levels have been decreasing, they are still three times higher than recommended by the World Health Organization.

To have a more clear idea on how this billboard works, be sure to watch the video below. Basically, simple thermodynamic processes are being applied, making the contaminants to be stuck in water, therefore removed from the air that is returned.

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