The World’s First Smart Solar Roof Tile

Smart solar tiles are made of quality plexiglass and carbon materials and can be managed from an app on your mobile phone. This new smart tile is an invention, designed by a group of students from Bosnia, will allow transfer solar energy into electrical energy like regularly solar panels but come with a number of new and exciting features. The application from your phone will enable you to change the color of the tile, check the amount of electrical energy produced, and track how much energy you have sold. In addition, you will have no more problems with the snow on your roof during winter months because with the simple use of the app, you can turn on heaters installed in the tiles and the snow will be gone in seconds. How amazing is that?

Heating Feature

Small-sized heaters will be placed on the transparent part of the tile. The sensors on the tiles will notify you through your mobile app when it starts to snow. You will have two options when you open the app; you can choose to remove the snow by clicking on the "Clean Up" button or you can ignore the notification.

How does the smart tile work?

Eight solar cells can be placed on a tile. Each cell produces 1 watt of power. Therefore, you will have 8 watts of power per tile.

When it comes to materials, there have two layers. The first layer, which is used for the placement of the solar cells, is made of carbon. The second layer, which is positioned on top of the cells, is made of plexiglass. This material enables light to enter into the cells and start producing electricity. The smart solar tile will produce electricity thanks both the intensity of the daylight and nightlight.

Tiles are connected to each other by connectors, which are handy since no wires are necessary to join one tile to another. It is practical and easy to install.

When the usage of electrical energy is concerned, an average household utilizes around 18 kW/h of electricity per day. If you produce more than 18 kW/h daily, you can sell the extra energy giving you an additional income stream. Save even more electricity and have more to sell by using LED lighting.

This entire process of producing and consuming electricity will not only allow you to save money on your bills, but it will also give you an opportunity to profit by selling electrical energy. Isn’t that great?

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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