Simple Ways To Green-Up Your Home

Making a few simple transformations around your home is a great way of saving money, and making your lifestyle a little bit greener too.  The good news is that you don’t have to be a DIY expert to get greener.  With just a little know-how, these projects can easily be tackled over a weekend.

Energy Efficiency

Do you know how energy efficient your home is?  Many of us have no idea but getting a clearer picture of how much excess power you use will help you choose which projects should take priority.  How modern is your property’s insulation?  Can you heat and cool your home efficiently?  Are there areas that could use a little attention such as air leaks or old drafty windows for example?  You could probably tackle some of this remedial work yourself, but if you do end up spending money on a professional’s services, at least you’ll know where your money is best invested.

The Bathroom

Greening-up your bathroom is pretty easy.  Simply installing a low-flow showerhead or a tap aerator is a good way of reducing the amount of water you use.  Insulating your water pipes will help to conserve heat which will keep energy bills down.


Perhaps the simplest way of upgrading your home to make it greener is to replace all your regular light bulbs with energy saving ones.  LED's are great for use under or over cabinets and for subtle lighting in the kitchen.  They also look good when used to spotlight artworks and areas of particular interest in a room.

Eco-friendly Paint

It’s easy to green-up a room when re-decorating.  Just choose low or no-VOC paint or go for a brand made from natural, eco-friendly materials.  The environment will thank you, and so will your family’s health.

Green Furniture

Today, there is plenty of furniture out there that is made from renewable or recycled materials.  Bamboo is very stylish, and most good furniture suppliers now obtain their wood from sustainable sources.  For a fun family day out, why not try a car boot sale or an auction to find your furniture?  And of course, there’s always your local charity or thrift shop.  If you buy from there, you’ll be helping a good cause and recycling too.


Many countries now operate a strict recycling policy and households are provided with special bins specifically for recycled rubbish.  If you have a large family, sorting out the rubbish can be something of an onerous task.  Equip your kitchen with a cheap set of plastic drawers, label them appropriately, and ‘file’ the rubbish as you go along.  When the drawers are full, just transfer the rubbish to the appropriate recycling bin outside.

In Conclusion

Going green in your home need not be time-consuming or expensive.  All it takes is a little thought and effort.



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