Recycled Styrofoam Christmas Ornament Balls

The holiday season is quickly approaching and so is winter and the colder evenings at home snuggled next to a warm fire. The children are starting to get excited about Christmas, as the stores prepare for the holiday season. Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived, but we see the constant reminders that Christmas is right around the corner. This year we are constantly reminded of the environmental changes that are taking place around us each day. However, when the holidays approach we all get lost in our preparations for the season and being with our families.

This year as you think about the Christmas tree and the festive decoration try and do your part for the environment. Ecology is on everyone’s minds and why not start a new Christmas traditions this year? Instead of using the Christmas tree decorations you have stored in your attic or garage make new decorations for your tree using recycled items. 

Making Styrofoam brand foam Christmas ornaments out of your old Christmas cards is a great project for the whole family. Your children will love cutting up old Christmas cards and designing their personalized tree ornaments. However, Christmas cards are not the only recycled item you can use to decorate your ornaments with. Try using old Christmas paper, tissue paper, magazines, newspapers, and junk mail. Once you have finished using the colorful design from your old Christmas cards it is time to make your holiday tags. Cut out the inside message on your Christmas cards and punch a hole in one corner. Tie a small colored string to the hole. Afterwards, you can write on the back of the tag.


  • 5 or 6-inch Styrofoam brand balls or old Leg Egg containers
  • Old newspaper comic section
  • Old Christmas cards
  • Old Christmas wrapping paper
  • Old tissue paper
  • Old magazines
  • 1-inch foam brush
  • Heavyweight glass quart jars
  • Thick white craft glue
  • Wooden skewers or metal skewers
  • Scissors
  • Spray gloss or medium decoupage glosses
  • Thin, clear nylon or light weight string to hand your ornaments
  • Recycled plastic dish to mix your glue in 


  1. Cut Christmas card images, into different shapes and sizes. Use small rectangles or squares for your images or cut up old Christmas wrapping paper into different sized small shapes.
  2. To help you glue the images to your foam ball, insert a wooden or metal skewer through the center of your ball to make it easier to hold your ball.
  3. Pour your glue into a recycled container and thin with water.
  4. Take one of your cut up photos or colored paper shapes and dip it in the white glue coating the back of your piece.
  5. Place the piece on your foam ball and smooth out all the wrinkles, bubbles, and edges.
  6. Use your foam brushes to apply a small amount of glue over the top of your shape.
  7. Check your image to see if all edges are secure and attached to the ball.
  8. Continue to glue your cut out shapes to the ball by overlapping the images.
  9. Afterwards, stand the skewer in a heavyweight glass jar to allow the glue to dry on the ball,
  10. When the glue is dry spray the outside of the ball with a spray gloss or decoupage gloss to give your ornament a shiny finish.
  11. Let the ornament completely dry before inserting the string and removing the skewer.
  12. You can attach the string to the ball with a straight pin or pull the string through the center of the ball when you remove your skewer. 

Have fun this holiday season using recycled items to decorate your home. Homemade Christmas ornaments give your tree a special meaning. Even during the holidays we can all do our part to save the environment we live in and start a new family tradition in your home. 


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