Recyclable and Sustainable 3D Printed Footwear

Lyf Shoe founder Aly Khalifa wants to turn the shoe industry upside down with his new 3D printed recyclable footwear. Khalifa new shoes are fashionable, recyclable, contribute to a sustainable environment, and you can customize your own new 3D printed shoes. The new Lyf Shoes are produced under different circumstances than most shoes today. The shoe industry is an ugly industry with undesirable working conditions. 

Khalifa worked in the shoe industry for over twenty years where he had to visit shoe factories throughout the world. When visiting the factories Khalifa had headaches from all the toxic glues used in manufacturing shoes. The China shoe factors have young women working in undesirable conditions that use carcinogenic glues that cause birth defects. However, this does not even take into the fact that the factories have CO2 emissions from shipping and all the waste they produce. Today shoe’s use a collection of hybrid material, loads of glue, and can’t be recycled. Each year over 300 million shoes that can’t be recycled are thrown away and just pile up around the world. 

The new shoe concept of Khalifa wants to tackle the problems of today’s shoe factories. His new Lyf Shoes don’t use factories that pollute the environment, will be assembled in the U.S., and won’t use toxic glues. The new shoes will use recyclable and clean materials that can be recycled instead of throwing them away. The new shoe design uses a jigsaw puzzle concept that fits together perfectly and only takes 90 seconds to assemble the shoes. Therefore, the Kalifa shoes are assembled on site and you can get any shoe design or design your own shoes.

Khalifa is hoping that his dreams of changing the shoe industry can become a reality. The new shoe technology can allow manufactures to pursue many more fashions, has ecological advances and can create a custom fit for each customer. Khalifa wants to encourage all his customers to recycle their old shoes and he is offering a 15% discount when anyone swaps their old Lyf Shoes for a new pair.

Therefore, Lyf Shoes are aiming at bringing back the traditional cobbler to work in the new technology of digital 3D printing. Furthermore, with the use of 3D printer they will handle the prominent role in the production process. Specifically, the production of the shoe soles, which are the hardest to customize. Khalifa wants his shoe stores to be able to measure a customer’s foot, print the custom soles on a 3D FDM printer, and assemble the shoes while at the store for the customer.

Unfortunately, Khalifa has a problem and is stuck in the financing phase of his new recyclable 3D printed shoes project. Last month Lyf Shoes launched a $70,000 Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to continue this project. However, Khalifa was not able to raise all the funds needed for his new adventure. For now, it is hard to say what will happen to Lyf Shoe project and the lack of funds only delays the release of the new environmentally friendly footwear. Khalifa and his team are seeking other avenues of financial support to make eco-friendly shoes a reality.


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