Open Source 3D Printed Solar Panel

In the Philippines two young inventors Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein, have a passion for clean, free energy and living green. The two young inventors are developing a way everyone can have access to clean, cheap energy. The new product they are working on can be used by anyone, anywhere to make their own homemade solar panels. 

The small portable printer factory they are working on is small enough to fit on any desk, yet efficient enough to product 300 hundred thousand to one million 3D printed solar panels each year. The factory can print one solar panel every 15 seconds. Their new 3D printing factory will cut 50 percent of the labor cost and the labor intensive process for producing solar panels. Therefore, the new 3D printer factory can drastically reduce the cost of solar panels. The young inventors, new pocket solar panel producer will definitely change the way the world views solar and electricity.

The new mini solar panels can be used in any home to replace the need for outlets used for small electronics, phones, computers, lamps, and chargers. The new 3D printed solar panels add veracity and can be used with your electronics anywhere there’s sun. In other words, the panels are portable and can be taken with you to recharge your electronics on the go. 

The young inventors launched a Kickstarter campaign that was immediately funded. However, the two are still raising money to redesign the CNC laser cutter and will open source the technology. They plan on powering the solar panel market with their new 3D printed solar panels. Furthermore, their 3D factory technology is continually being improved upon and the open source technology allows anyone to copy their ideas and improve upon it.

Ma Yehe, a grass-root inventor, invented a 3D printer to build houses. Today, we see new hope for the future of green energy and sustainable living as the young inventors emerges to improve the world we live in. Inventors like Ma Yehe, Shawn Frayne, and Alex Hornstein that will drive technology into a new age. Therefore, our future looks promising because corrupt, politicized and controlled global marketplaces won’t be able to stand in the way of the new future. The new waves of young inventors give us hope for a promising new future with their new wave of inventions to improve mankind. Their open source technology and ideas bring hope to everyone. Soon 3D technology will be affordable and anyone and everyone can use this technology to print their homes and supply them with electricity. 


Sarah Johnston

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Sarah Johnston

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