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With the come of a new decade comes newer and better technology. What once was bleeding edge is now known to toddlers as their play-toys. The same story applies to the family of light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs were once the way of the future but now their the way of the past.

Why aren't my Incandescent bulbs safe and efficient to use?

Incandescent bulbs are not only over 41 times less efficient than the average LED bulb but can also cost up to 10 times more (if compared to yearly price of LED bulb's). Your Incandescent light bulbs also harm the environment. An average house using 30 Incandescent light bulbs produces over 4500 pounds of Carbon Dioxide Emissions per year. This is the equivalent of 300 LED bulbs or 120 CFL bulbs. If that's not enough to convince you to switch over to LED bulbs, you should know that Incandescent bulbs are also more likely to break and cause damage when compared to LED bulbs.

Will LED bulb’s take a big bite out of my wallet?

To prove to you that LED bulbs are not only efficient but also affordable, we went to multiple online stores such as Amazon & Lowes and compared the prices of a CFL bulb to an equivalent power LED bulb. On Amazon, an average Incandescent light bulb costs us $1.51 per bulb (GE 41036 Bulb) while the same power in a LED bulb costs us just short of 0.75 per bulb (A19). On Lowes, an average Incandescent light bulb cost us $1.25 per bulb while the average LED with the same power cost us only $0.95 per bulb. On both websites there was a huge difference in price!

As you can probably imagine, LED bulbs are now the way to go whether it be for a business or for your home because their efficient, safe, and furthermost cheap!


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