Hyper Filter Skyscraper, The Air Filtering Building

I have already mentioned the 2014 Skyscraper Competition here on Wind before, and today I am talking about another very interesting and innovative building. Hyper Filter Skyscraper, a project by the Russian architect Umarov Alexey, is a skyscraper capable of absorbing polluting gases and emit oxygen to the atmosphere, thanks to an outer layer of tubes and filters.

Getting a hold of today's environmental concerns, specifically the ones having to do with air pollution, Alexey developed a unique project that, if successfully applied to our cities, can be a true weapon against the air pollution found in today's big cities.

Putting things simply, this system works in a similar way to the human breathing (therefore being called biomimetic), but in a reversed fashion, as the structure filters the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and, through a series of chemical processes, expels oxygen to the surrounding atmosphere. The harmful substances resulting from this "cleaning" process are then stored in small reservoirs inside the building, which are then to be taken care of by specialists from the chemical industry.

With the levels of air pollution we currently have in several cities around the world, harmful substances can travel and spread over hundreds of kilometers, therefore making entire regions and even countries polluted. So, with several of these buildings spread over a city or a region, the fight against air pollution gets a serious and powerful ally.

This "envelope" structure is designed to also aid in keeping a balanced temperature for the building, and its efficiency in the air cleaning is directly linked to the building's surface - the bigger the building, the more oxygen it will release to the surroundings.

With all the predictions pointing to an increase in the air pollution over the years, innovations like this Hyper Filter Skyscraper can become powerful allies to us, humans, in the fight for survival under not so great conditions.

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