Home Sustainability 101

There is a small number of sustainable houses on the current  market but they will become increasingly more popular in the future. Sustainable houses can be a very good way to reduce the impact on our natural environment and this article will present you some alternative ways which you can use to make your home more sustainable.


If you have enough space around your house, want to learn something new, want to improve sustainability of your home and spend more quality time with your family, then gardening is the right answer. Plants do not need a lot of water to grow the way they should and there are so many interesting watering systems which can make your garden and space around your house more beautiful. By the way, you can be healthier and improve your lifestyle if you consume vegetables and fruits from your own garden.

Solar power:

Solar energy panels can be helpful in creating your own electricity and in reducing your electric bill. That's how you can get the money, you paid for adding solar panels, back. Panels provide a lot of energy which is more than sufficient to operate your entire house. They actually convert rays of the Sun into a source of sustainable power. By the way, solar panels are very good investment because they are durable.

Wind power:

This is another great idea for producing your own electricity for your home. Windmills are very useful and can beautifully decorate the space around your house. They can also help in saving your money by reducing your electric bill and they do not cost as much as solar panels do. Wind is a very good source of renewable energy which does not pollute air or water and it does not cost anything.

 Hideaway storage:

A hidden storage space can be added to any piece of furniture. You can also build a secret storage in the wall, in the floor, under the stairs, etc.. There are so many ways to maximize your storage space, and people usually do not know how much extra storage space they can open in their homes. This way you can transform your home into a more sustainable one by using considerably less materials for storage. It is also cheaper and not so dangerous as use of power tools.

Rainwater tanks:

Rainwater tanks are installed to collect rain water and make use of it for watering gardens, flushing toilets, washing machines, and so many other things. And if the rain water is adequatly filtered then you can also use it for drinking.






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