How to Preserve Strawberries by Freezing

Strawberries are best enjoyed fresh; however, fresh strawberries are only available for a short season. Freezing is perfect for preserving strawberries to enjoy during the winter months. Frozen strawberries are wonderful in smoothies, cakes and pies. This is a perfect project for the beginner interested in sustainable living.

Items Required:

  • baking pan or flat tray
  • clean kitchen towel
  • drinking straw
  • freezer
  • fresh strawberries
  • medium sized colander
  • ziplock freezer bags

Additional Items if Utilizing Sugar:

  • large bowl
  • white granulated sugar
  • wooden spoon

Steps for Freezing:

  1. Pick ripe, plump strawberries. Prepare strawberries for preserving as soon as possible.
  2. If purchasing, ask if strawberries are sun ripened and locally grown. 
  3. Cut the stems and leaves off the strawberries.
  4. Remove mushy strawberries and discard. 
  5. Wash strawberries thoroughly in water. 
  6. Strain through a colander. 
  7. Allow strawberries to sit in colander to drain away as much water as possible. 
  8. Place whole strawberries on clean kitchen towel and pat to remove excess water. 
  9. Cut strawberries in half, slices or freeze whole. 
  10. Label the freezer bag with the date and item. A black permanent marker works well. 
  11. Place strawberries in ziplock freezer bags. 
  12. Press bags with flat hand to remove air. 
  13. Close the ziplock seal; however, leave a one-fourth inch opening in bag. 
  14. Insert drinking straw to suck out remaining air. 
  15. Quickly seal the bag. 
  16. Place the bag of strawberries flat on baking pan or flat tray. Freezing the bags of strawberries lying flat on a baking pan or tray takes up less room in the freezer. 
  17. The tray or baking pan of strawberries should be placed in a freezer over night. 
  18. Remove the bags of strawberries from the tray or baking pan and place directly in the freezer until ready to use in a smoothie, pie or cake.

Sugar Method for Freezing Strawberries: While many people avoid sugar at all costs, sugar is believed to add shelf life to frozen strawberries. Follow above steps one through nine. Place strawberries in a large bowl. Add one-half cup of white granulated sugar to each quart of strawberries. Gently stir the strawberries coating the strawberries with sugar. Take special care to avoid bruising the strawberries. Allow the sugar to dissolve. Continue with steps ten through eighteen.



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