How To Heat Your Home Sustainably

Are you renovating your home soon? Are you considering building one yourself? Do you need to find a green and economical way to heat your house? How about considering a woodstove to save both cash and the environment?

If gas and electric heating are out of the question for you, this option could be the best alternative. There are two major options out there: heating using wood, or using wood pellets. Using a fireplace is nice, but it does not really heat your home, so what can you do?

If you already have a boiler in your house, you could easily switch to a wood-burning boiler. Although pellets boilers are an option, it is an expensive one. Furthermore, it is less ecological because the pellets are processed. Burning with a wood boiler can be a bit of a hassle if you do not like the thought of having to add logs in the fire twice a day, chopping your own wood, and having to wait until a man is ready to do it for you (many women find it difficult to lift the logs) but the advantages are multiple. However, logs are raw wood material and more economical than pellets. All you need are a few tips and tricks on how to proceed and you will enjoy a nice wood burning boiler!

Search for wood that has been certified. This ensures that the wood is sourced through environmental and socially just means. The forests it comes from is sustainable. It is easy to find someone local to provide it for you. This also means that your wood does not travel far to make it to your house, and therefore has less of a carbon footprint. And, if you calculate how much you will have to pay for your wood, you will see that it will cost less than heating with gas or electricity. Plus, if you are the type who enjoys chopping it yourself, you could even get it for free!

Now, all you need to do to ensure to keep costs down is to verify the house’s insulation and windows. Make the necessary changes. Ask someone to come and take a look at it if need be.

Now, sit back and enjoy the smell of wood in your house!

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