How To 'Green Up' Your Computing Habits

These days, everyone wants to be ‘greener’.  One obvious way to ‘go green’ is to use less power during our day-to-day routine but that can be easier said than done in this technologically-driven age.  Greener computing is not about doing less. It’s about using resources more responsibly so that the impact of daily work on the environment is reduced.

Too Much Technology

Technology is everywhere. Almost everyone owns a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, a gaming console or a home computer.  Or in many cases, all of the above.  Think about it; you can’t possibly use all this technology at once.  In fact, your iPhone has just as much power as your tablet, and your laptop can easily double as a home computer.  So, why do you need both?

Responsible ‘green’ computing means downsizing.  Don’t fall victim to all the marketing hype and buy more technology than you really need, and when you do buy a new computer, seek out low-power, efficient components.

Power Guzzling Screens

No matter what type of device you use, one of the biggest energy guzzlers is your screen.  The brighter you have your screen, the more battery power it will use.  Turn your screen brightness down and you’ll find you won’t need to charge your device near as often.

Desktop monitors are even worse.  Obviously, they don’t use a battery but they do gobble up power just as quickly.  Reduce the brightness setting to the lowest level you can comfortably manage.  Make sure you set your computer’s energy saving preferences so that the display is put into ‘sleep’ mode when it’s not in use for a minute or more.

Recycle Your Tech

Even though you might have decided to replace your computer or device, it’s highly likely there’s plenty of life left in it.  If there’s nothing actually wrong with your machine, why throw it away for dismantling?  You could either recycle your tech by selling it, or you could give it away to someone.  Many schools struggle to afford to buy computer hardware for their students to use.  Why not offer to donate your unwanted computer to a local school instead of chucking it?

In Conclusion

In an age when virtually everything can be done online, it makes sense to ‘green-up’ your computing habits.  The planet and future generations will one day thank you for it.



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