How Green Infrastructure is Making Our Cities More Sustainable

“Going green” is a tangible twenty-first century buzz phrase. Global warming is another. But, they are different in nature. Going green is the counter weight to global warming.

Green infrastructure is a large component in making global cities sustainable. There have been significant strides to develop a framework that ensures solid results. The first is a ratings system that ranks green infrastructures based on three steps: evaluate, grade and recognize sustainability. This is followed by targeting areas for sustainability, deciding what the sustainable world should look like and creating collaborative tools. Keep reading to further learn about the technology and techniques that are helping to implement green infrastructure that is making our cities infinitely more sustainable:

Green Infrastructure Ratings

The importance of a rating system for green infrastructure cannot be overstated. It facilitates efforts to achieve maximum results with fewer resources. Evaluate is the first category that focuses on the completed project. The grade awarded demonstrates the level of sustainability realized. Recognition is the final category that offers the infrastructure endeavor an opportunity to showcase an example for other green infrastructure initiatives to follow.

Green Sustainability Target Areas

Efficiency and sustainability complement each other. This means isolating the specific processes that can affect the greatest change. Transportation always makes the list, as well as buildings, cleaner energy sources, and a new power grid. An article from National Geographic expounds on the choice rationale. An interesting focus area included is the protection of human history.

What Green Sustainable Infrastructure Looks Like

A sustainable world starts in the neighborhoods within the cities. The premise is to thrive well into the future, without depleting natural and societal resources. Once neighborhoods are static, the footprint of the metropolitan regions is addressed. The last critical building block is the systems that support all living and non-living structures. This includes water, health, waste management and more.

Collaborative Tools for Green Sustainable Infrastructure

Human beings share the planet, and collaborative tools for interaction and communications make for a balanced and engaged collective. The EPA provides options for partners to connect and standardize exceptional results. There is information that guides anyone on how to build, learn and partner with others engaged in green sustainability.

All the tools for awareness must be in place to achieve global green infrastructure. It is a slow process for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of cost. It is safe to conclude that global efforts are already being seen in energy conservation, transportation upgrades and more. However, since neighborhoods are the grassroots of the infrastructure, more involvement at this level is needed. Regardless of how the movement progresses, there are ideas, examples and tools to see it to fruition.

The information for this article was provided by professionals who offer a master’s in civil engineering for students who are interested in transportation, construction, and structural design.

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