How Climate Change Is Making The World More Dangerous

The World Meteorological Organization has released a new study that says the world is now five times more dangerous than it was forty plus years ago.

The world is already ‘five times as dangerous and disaster prone’ than it was in the 1970's. Climate change, the study states is increasing the risks for earthquakes, floods, heat waves and droughts. During the 1970's there were 743 catastrophes reported. The first decade of the 21st century has seen 3,496 natural disasters. All of these disasters can be linked to climate change.

Natural disasters are becoming more common. The biggest threats today are flooding and storms both of which are taking major bites out of the economy.An estimated 80% of recorded disasters came from floods and storms. Heat waves, however are giving storms big competition and are emerging killers.

Climate change is causing sea levels to rise. The report shows that there is growing evidence that the rise in temperatures is increasing the strength of hurricanes. Over the last decade climate change’s relationship with hurricanes has become a subject of great public interest. Climate change and hurricanes hold great implications for society, especially the coastal regions.

Back in the 1970‘s heat waves were not even seen as a threat. In 2010 heat waves were one of the top causes of death along with storms. In 2010 Russia saw 55,000 people die as a direct result of heat waves.

Not only are disasters increasing they have also become all most six times more expensive than they were in the 1970‘s. Both Hurricanes and severe storms have taken a ever growing toll on the Unites States economy. The top five highest cost global disasters took place on U.S. soil and all five of them were caused by storms. damages cost more that $294 billion.

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine shows that disasters have expanded and increased rates of urbanization, deforestation and environmental degradation.

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