Green Technology Is Changing the Way We Do Business

Green Technology Is Changing the Way We Do Business

Carbon dioxide levels are at an all-time high and humans are emitting greenhouse gases and agricultural chemicals into the environment at shockingly high rates, according to research. Scientists, however, are developing technologies that might reverse environmental degradation. Here are four green tech innovations that are changing the game.

1. 3D Printing
More people are using 3D printing for environmental restoration. This printing technique reduces waste and fossil fuel usage. You can print a smartphone case or a kitchen utensil or a book at home instead of purchasing these items and having them shipped by truck, train or plane.
Mobile solar-powered 3D printing, developed by Michigan Technological University, creates a wide range of products, from power generators to wind turbines, without electricity. It's innovations like these that are encouraging more businesses to go "green" and replace existing technologies that damage the environment.
The future looks bright for 3D printing. The industry is expected to generate $21 billion in global revenue by 2020 as more businesses utilize this technology and create sustainable products .

2. Self-Driving Cars
Self-driving cars are no longer constrained to the pages of science-fiction novels. Manufacturers -- like Mercedes-Benz, General Motors and even Google -- say this technology will revolutionize the auto industry. Not only will self-driving cars result in fewer accidents, experts say, but they could reduce traffic congestion.
There are other environmental benefits, too. Self-driving cars are more likely to be electric, so they emit fewer dangerous gases into the air. Plus, they use less gas and electricity than vehicles driven by humans. Again, this will result in less air pollution.
Research suggests that self-driving cars will make up 75 percent of all vehicles on the road by the year 2040

3. Biofuels
Fuels like gasoline and kerosene cause air pollution. In fact, burning gasoline generates carbon dioxide, which results in climate change. In 2015 alone, carbon dioxide emissions from gasoline combustion in the United States totaled 1,124 million metric tons -- around 21 percent of all energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.
Biofuels could provide businesses with a safer, sustainable alternative. These produce fewer greenhouse gases when they are burned. They cost just as much as conventional fossil fuels, too, so businesses won't be out of pocket .
In 2012, biofuels made up around seven percent of total transport fuel consumption in the U.S. That's about 13.8 billion gallons.

4. Solar Energy
Solar energy also reduces greenhouse gases. It's a completely renewable source and doesn't create carbon emissions like coal. Many businesses think that switching to solar is expensive. However, there are various financial incentives that lessen the cost of solar panel installation. These include the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which is designed for both commercial and residential buildings .
It could work out cheaper in the long run, too. Renewable energy produces cost savings that could benefit businesses in almost any niche.

These four green technologies are changing the way organizations carry out their operations. 3D printing, self-driving cars, biofuels and solar energy allow companies to do business and improve their sustainability credentials at the same time.

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