Giant Sinkholes Appearing All Around The Globe

Due to weather conditions, water main breaks and mechanical failures more than twenty six huge sinkholes have appeared in different places across the globe between 2008 and 2014. Let’s take a look at these holes and the damages that they caused.

This year a sinkhole appeared on McKnight Road in Ross Township of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Two cars were sucked into the hole, which appeared in a parking lot. In one car a woman had to be pulled from her car and was hospitalized.

On April 30, 2014 a sinkhole appeared in the Charles Village area of Baltimore. The sinkhole was caused by heavy rain.

A sinkhole 26 feet wide and all most 40 feet deep appeared in Ottawa Canada at the intersection of Laurier Avenue E and Waller Street, near the University of Ottawa on February 21, 2014.

In Portland, Oregon a woman and her dog had to be rescued by fire fighters from a twenty feet deep sinkhole that appeared in her backyard on February 18, 2014.

On February 16, 2014 a sinkhole 16 feet deep and 32 feet wide appeared in the middle of a street in Beijing. The sinkhole was caused by a breach in a underground water pipe.

A sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky swallowed up eight Corvettes.

In Walters Ash, England a 15 foot wide sinkhole swallowed a car after it appeared in a driveway. The crater was filled with more than 300 tons of concrete.

Paauilo, Hawaii saw a pickup truck sucked into a sinkhole after heavy rain on December 30, 2013. The driver escaped with only minor injuries.

A home was consumed by a giant sinkhole on November 14, 2013 in Dunedin, Florida. The sinkhole formed between two houses. It was 30 feet deep and 30 feet wide.

In Toledo, Ohio a sinkhole appeared under a car taking both the car and its driver with it on July 3, 2013. The driver, Pamela Knox survived with only minor injuries. The sinkhole was caused by a water main break.

The rains caused by Tropical Storm Agatha caused a gigantic sinkhole in Guatemala City on June 1, 2010. Collapsed roads and highway bridges caused by the storm made rescue efforts extremely difficult. The storm buried many homes under mud and killed more than 175 people.

In Montreal, Canada a A construction vehicle was swallowed by a sinkhole on Saint-Catherine Street on August 5, 2013. Fortunately no one was injured.

On June 18, 2013 a sinkhole in the Loudi, Hunan province of China appeared on a busy roadway. The sinkhole appeared after a heavy tanker truck drove over it. A man riding a motorcycle was seriously injured as his bike was sucked into the hole.

In Schmalkalden, Germany a large sinkhole appeared early in the morning on November 1, 2010. The crater appeared in the middle of a large residential estate.

On March 12, 2008 in Paseo Nuevo, located in San Sebastian a sinkhole was caused by a storm. The giant hole sunk several boats and caused major damage in Spain's Biscay area.

Guatemala City saw a giant sinkhole form on February 23, 2007. Three people were reported missing in connection with the hole.

In Italy a underground cave caused a massive sinkhole. When the roadway collapsed into the cave it took several cars with it. Fortunately there were no major injuries associated with the sinkhole.

In Dachegnqiao town of Ningxiang in China's Hunan province a sinkhole appeared near an elementary school on June 15, 2010. The giant hole destroyed twenty houses. The massive hole measured 492 feet wide and 164 feet deep. What created the sinkhole still remains a mystery.

A car was stranded in a sinkhole in the Guangzhou, Guangdong province on September 7, 2008. The entire road eventually collapsed trapping the car.

In China a sinkhole caved in a road in the Xi'an, Shaanxi province on May 27, 2012. Fortunately no one was injured.

A large sinkhole at Florida resort on August 12, 2013 caused guests at the resort near Disney World to be evacuated. Two buildings partially collapsed as a result of the sinkhole. A section of Summer Bay Resort collapsed as well.

A water pipe collapse in the Xi'an, Shaanxi province caused a large sinkhole on October 27, 2013.

In Chicago, Illinois a sinkhole appeared on April 18, 2013 after heavy rains and flooding. The sinkhole shut down a major expressway, delayed commuter trains and caused flights to be canceled. Basements in several homes and suburban schools where flooded. Another sinkhole appeared on the South Side swallowing up three cars on a residential street.

On November 25, 2003 a bus had to be removed from a sinkhole with a crane in Lisbon. No one was injured and the cause is still unknown.

The most infamous holes happened just this year in Russia where melting permafrost has caused three massive holes to appear in three different sections of the country.


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