Getting Rid of Garbage 101

Disposing garbage may be an easy task but making sure that you’re doing it the right, not cockroach infested way may be quite troublesome. I remember living independently and having problems keeping rats, and cockroaches from feeding off my garbage was real task. So to help you prevent from having the same problems as I am, here are some tips to help you dispose your garbage properly.

1. Recycle – recycling is important, by doing this, you produce less trash and you help save the environment. If you have less garbage, you would need fewer trashcans. Have a separate bin for your recycled items and drop it off at the recycling pick-ups.

2. Separate food wastes – I suggest using a plastic bag for separating rotten foods and other composite waste. If you do this, it will not create a lot of mess on your trashcans. You can dispose this immediately and not let it stay for the rats and other cockroaches to find inside your home.

3. Remove Trash Smell – By sprinkling baking soda in your trash, you can reduce its smell but there are other tips to help you reduce those trash odors. Making sure your trash is odorless will help keep the pests away.

4. Location of your trash – As much as possible place your trash bins away from your home. Leave it outside. Remember that trash attracts insects and bugs.

5. Make sure to clean your garbage outside your home – If the weather is fine clean your garbage outside. Soak your garbage cans for a few hours using hot water and heavy-duty soap. Scrub and rinse is the way to go. Drilling holes in your trash bins that are located outside will help you clean it easier by hosing out dirt and letting it dry out.

Doing these things may take a lot of work but making sure your home is clean and not infested by bugs and rats is the best consolation. Happy garbage cleaning.

Thank you Kevin Dooley for the photo.



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