How You Can Be Energy Aware and Waste Wise

Today we are constantly reminded to do our part for the environment, to save our natural resources and stop destroying the planet we live on. There is no need to feel overwhelmed, just step up and do your part for the environment. However, not everyone these days can afford to donate money or time to save our planet, but we can do something else. There are so many simple ways we can do our part right in our homes. We can contribute by decreasing our landfills and how much energy and natural resources we consume. Follow these simple tips to reduce energy and help our environment:

1. Mirrors: Do you know if you strategically place mirrors in your room you can make use of the natural lighting in your home and reduce energy as well. When you position or place a mirror near one of your indoor plants this gives the illusion of increased space, acts like a window for the plant to have better growing conditions, and adds greenery and ambiance to your room.

2. Containers: Use your dessert cups, yogurt containers, and plastic Dixie cups as plant starters in your garden. No need to buy starter trays. You just need to poke holes in the bottom of these plastic cups and use them to grow plants in.

3. Dryer vents: Normally, dryer heat is vented and pumped outside. Therefore, we are wasting heat by not recycling our dryer heat. Consider purchasing a dryer vent convertor that will channel the heat from your dryer back into your home. This helps reduce your energy cost and helps heat your home during the colder winter months. However, recycled dryer heat is moist and isn’t appropriate for all homes. But if your home has dry static air or wood heat you can benefit from the added moisture in your home. If your home has moisture problems or problems with mold it is not recommended to recycle your dryer heat. This only adds to the existing mold problems in your home.

4. Dryer sheets: Disposable dryer sheets are great for softening our clothes and removing static from the dryer. However, these disposable sheets are thrown away and take up place in our landfills. Consider, using an old sock and some liquid fabric softener instead of dryer sheets. Just pour 1 tablespoon of liquid fabric softener on an old sock. Squeeze the sock to evenly soak the fabric softener into the sock. Throw the sock into the dryer and it acts the same as your fabric sheets, but the sock is reusable. Therefore, you are saving money, energy, and resources to produce dryer sheets and throw them away.

5. Potted plant drip trays: House plants and some outdoor plants that sit on your terrace have plastic drip trays to catch the excess water. Instead of purchasing these drip trays at your local nursery, reuse your plastic lids from mayonnaise and peanut butter jars. You can find the right size reusable lid for your plants. You can also recycle your old aluminum foil trays for drip trays under your plants. The plastic lids and aluminum trays are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned and reused.

6. Plastic containers: Once you have used the spices in your plastic containers don’t throw them away. They make great storage containers for your dried herbs and spices. If you love ginger and can’t use it all before it spoils. Consider peeling your ginger and putting it in one of the plastic containers Fill the container with red wine vinegar and store it in your refrigerator. The ginger will keep for months in your refrigerator.

These are a few ideas to start recycling around your home. Never throw anything away that can be reused. Once you see how easy it is to recycle and reuse items around your home you will start the rippling effect that will make your home more energy conservative and help the environment. Remember; think twice before throwing anything away. You can always find a use for your used containers, bottles and lids.

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