Endangered: Penguins

I love Penguins! Who doesn't? They walk funny, slide funny and look funny. But despite their adorable quality, we do not notice that out of 17 species of penguins, 11 are close to becoming extinct. The cause of this are pollution, their lack for food supply, they're being hunted for oil, taking their eggs and destroying their natural environment.

In December 6, 1998, a report by Usha Lee McFarling was published in Knight Rider Newspapers stating that 40,000 penguins are killed each year because of oil spills off the coast of Argentina. In new Zealand and Australia, ferrets, cats and dogs feed on penguins.

There is also an observation that in the Western Antarctic Peninsula region Adelie penguin colonies have already disappeared. Adelie penguin breeding pairs on Biscoe Island have also declined from 2800 to less than 1000. The main cause of this is global warming, climate change has been affecting the location and movement of sea ice. When the sea ice breaks an drifts, it creates obstacles for penguins that prevents them to walk from breeding colonies to the sea for feeing.

Penguins also have limited territory and rely on food by fishing near their nests. They eat fishes such as anchovies and sardines. Since penguins compete with humans in fishing, they have limited food supply. In some parts of the world, human fishing also directly kill penguins. They get stuck in nets and sometimes deliberately killed to be used as bait.

With these facts, we need to act soon. There should be funds to pay for oil spills and this should be funded by those who cause it. For example, tour boats and ships that surround the area should pay for any oil spill they cause. All polluters should pay for any damage they cause!

Another problem is fishing. There should be a limit on this that is sustainable for both humans and animals. Penguins and other endangered species should not be killed as well, non-native predators need to be controlled.

After understanding on how penguins are being affected, you can help by volunteering or supporting environmental groups like WWF ( Donate money, tell your friends, organize an event. It's important to act now for penguins to not just be a part of the past. Save the penguins, save the world.


Thank you Derek Keats for the photo.

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