Electric Briefcase Scooter is the New Sustainable Transport

Day after day, we see some new technological gadgets or machines are being produced to make our lives more efficient and simpler. One of the aspects of life currently in the focus of technological intervention is transportation.

Modern transportation machines like cars require fuel to function. This fuel is often made from non-renewable sources and is also a cause of pollution. For these reasons, we have recently seen an influx of electric-powered transportation solutions. Coolpeds is a company that has offered many iterations of low-energy scooters over the years. Their latest design, however, may just be the new sustainable transport solution many have been waiting for.

Carry your Office Supplies in your Scooter

The most interesting part about this new Coolpeds scooter is the fact that it can fold down into a briefcase. Primarily aimed at people who are looking for an alternative and efficient way to travel to work and back, this electric scooter is easy enough to carry when folded down with all the owner’s stuff inside it.

When riding, the scooter looks like one of those suitcases that have wheels attached to them. It is lightweight and energy-efficient which could make it the commute of choice for people trying to avoid the rising cost of fuel.

The Specifications

This new sustainable electric briefcase scooter is comprised of the following parts:

  • A motor that runs on electricity, housed inside the back wheel.
  • Batteries that hold an electrical charge.
  • Handle bars that can be adjusted in height.

The scooter can travel 20 kilometers in one hour at its maximum speed. A full charge can take you to a distance of 10km, and costs 20 cents in electricity on average.

Sustainable and Affordable

The briefcase scooter by Coolpeds is available from their website for a little under $600. That might look like a big amount for a briefcase but seeing how that briefcase can take you to your office and back home for a very insignificant cost of fuel, it is worth it. The scooter can be bought in two different models based on your preference to sit or stand while riding.

If 20 cents worth of electricity sounds expensive or not very sustainable to you, the scooter also comes in a solar panel equipped variety that will cost you $100 more but save you more money in the long term.

Similar Products

Among other designs for sustainable and low-cost transport solutions is the electric scooter named GenZe. It is aimed at markets where gas prices are too high for the urban commuter and parking spaces are a pain point. It will have a touch screen display and a removable battery that can be charged to provide a 30-mile long commute.

INU is a transportation solution that is lightweight and portable. The key feature of this bike is its ability to fold down on gesture or voice command. It is built for short commutes and has a phone dock as well as GPS capabilities.

We can see clearly how the world of sustainable and low-cost transportation is growing. Seeing designs like these is proof that the energy crisis in the world and the shortage of fossil fuels is a real concern, not only for architects and engineers, but also for product designers who are bringing to life ideas like the Coolpeds briefcase scooter every day.

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