Educating Youth About Sustainability at Bali's Green School

There are few places on earth that have a strong connection to environmental education because our modern lives have evolved to rely on unsustainable materials that we take for granted like fossil fuels and and industrial waste.  Luxury goods have become common place and we often forget to question their origin and the impact that we are having on the planet by producing and consuming them.  If there was a way that environmental issues, sustainability, and eco-centric ideas could be learned starting at a young age, it may solve a host of future issues.  At Bali's Green School, kids are becoming eco-warriors at a young age in the hopes that one day, they will work to better our planet.  

Green School is an international educational facility which provides green studies education, creative arts, and the core subjects of English, math and science. Students come from all over the world and work with an international staff of teachers and Balinese scholars who offer a local perspective.  The school aims to prepare their students to be critical and creative thinkers who will be experts in sustainability and the environment. 

The physical school is a work of art and a model for sustainability.  The buildings of Green School are constructed from local, sustainable and renewable materials, like bamboo which grows abundantly in the area.  It is important for the students to feel a real connection to nature, and therefore the classrooms were designed without walls.  This is also believed to have a more positive impact on the students' learning as they are not confined by walls, physically or mentally.   The school is located in an natural, undeveloped jungle by the Ayung River and the grounds have been landscaped and farmed to make it both engaging and safe for children.  

The school is just outside of Ubud, which is Bali's cultural-spiritual center.  There is already a strong connection to the environment, health, nutrition and spirituality there and Green School provides the perfect combination of education and philosophy for raising a child in an eco-centric environment.


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