Eco-Friendly Women's Clothing

Sustainable living includes eco-friendly clothing options for women. All cotton products are not created equal. Farmers often utilize pesticides on cotton crops. The term organic cotton relates to cotton grown without chemicals. Vegan silk is a sustainable fabric processed from the worm casings after the moths have left the cocoon. Soy, Lyocell (made from wood pulp), hemp, cashmere, alpaca wool and bamboo fabrics are all alternative sustainable options. Linen may be sustainable depending on the manufacturing process.

Companies often do not state whether chemical dyes were involved in the processing of the fabric. Natural and vegetable based dyes are an eco-friendly alternative. Clothing manufactured locally leaves a smaller footprint compared to a garment from another country. There are some trustworthy companies that create eco-friendly fabrics and clothing for women.

  • Aventura Clothing Line by Sportif USA specializes in tops and bottoms manufactured from organic cotton, bamboo blends and recycled polyester. The line has a wide selection of casual wear including hoodies, dresses, shirts, capris, pants and shorts. Sportif USA was started in 1965 by the Kirsch family and with the passing of the reigns to a younger generation; the Aventura Clothing Line began in 2005. The mission of the clothing line is to “help the earth…one garment at a time.”
  • Bamboosa manufactures a women’s clothing line made from bamboo. The company is located in the United States and pursues sustainable business practices. The company has a selection of tops, bottoms and sleepwear for women. The bamboo blend is an excellent choice for women with sensitive skin. Athletes enjoy the breathable nature of the fabric.
  • Earth Creations is a winner of the Green America’s People and Planet Award. The company utilizes natural clay dyes and sustainable fibers for manufacturing its clothing lines. Only natural and biodegradable materials are utilized to create beautiful clay dyed fabrics in a wide array of colors. The women’s line consists of tops, bottoms, dresses and multi-use garments.
  • Rawganique was initially started on Denman Island, Georgia in 1999. No pesticides, bleaches, acids, dioxin or heavy metals are utilized in the manufacturing process. All fabrics are either manufactured from organically grown hemp, cotton or linen. The company has a line of women’s underwear, woven tops and pants.






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