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Green Works, Seventh Generation, Simple Green and The Honest Company are just a few of the companies that are now producing eco-friendly cleaning products. The products are safe for family members, pets and the environment. The companies produce high quality products to clean floors, bathrooms, windows, kitchen counters and more. Some people complain that the products are a bit pricey. There are make at home recipes that enable families to spend less money while still protecting the environment.

  • All Purpose Cleaner – Place ½ tsp of Dawn dishwashing liquid in spray bottle. Add two tablespoons of vinegar, one tsp of baking soda and two tsp of tea tree essential oil to spray bottle. Fill the bottle with warm water from faucet.
  • Bathtub and Sink Cleaner – Place 1/2 cup of baking soda and add 20 drops of tea tree essential oil. Shake mixture well. Sprinkle tub or sink with baking soda mixture. Pour several drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid in sink or bathtub and scrub. Rinse well after scrubbing. This works well on ceramic tile also.
  • Drain/Disposal Cleaner – Pour ¼ cup of baking soda into drain. Then add ½ cup of vinegar to drain. Allow to sit for approximately 10 minutes, then run hot water and turn on garbage disposal. Periodically, it helps to place citrus peels down drain. Run hot water and garbage disposal each time. This helps to clean the blades of the disposal too.
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Sprinkle ½ cup of baking soda around sides of toilet bowl. Place eight drops of tea tree essential oil in toilet bowl. Lastly, add ½ cup of distilled white vinegar to toilet bowl. Allow to soak for approximately 10 minutes and then scrub toilet bowl with brush.
  • Window Cleaner – Mix ¼ cup of vinegar, ½ tsp of Dawn dishwashing liquid with a quart of warm water. Place mixture in a spray bottle. Spray window panes and wipe dry with recycled newspapers for a streak free shine.

*Photo courtesy of Spray Bottle by Matt Smith at Flickr’s Creative Commons.




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