Cascades Helps the Planet, One Roll at a Time

Recycling is an important part of keeping the environment clean. Even though there is still quite a lot of work to do to make businesses more sustainable, something must be said about those that take great efforts – with fantastic results – to protect nature and ensure a brighter future for everyone’s children. One of these companies is paper product giant Cascades, whose most famous product is likely their recycled toilet paper. They also produce wrapping paper, paper to dry your hands, and paper towels, amongst other products. They are renowned for their work in environmental services as well. The list goes on!

This company knows success in several different avenues. They won two Phenix Environment Prizes, in 2002 and 2003, and their products are strongly recommended by Greenpeace and Earthday. Their slogan, “Green by nature”, demonstrates this multinational’s philosophy well.

Cascades strongly believe that things done in the present can greatly impact the future of the planet. Every single employee is trained in environmental protection. The company also determines the businesses’ environmental aspects and key activities that can have a meaningful environmental impact including use operation and management methods that are based on preventing pollution and vigilance while applying technologies that save energy.

Based in Kingsey Falls, Quebec, Canada, Cascades started their path towards recuperating and recycling since its incorporation in 1964. The actual business started in the '50s by the patriarch of the Lemaire family, who runs it now, starting out poor. They initially took up the recuperation of clothing and metal then started working on recycling paper. Back then, the city did not pick up people’s recycling, so they actually started by going through citizens’ garbage something they actually still do.

Their current environmental philosophy is to reuse things as much as possible. For example, their paper products are made from 80% recycled fibers. That’s not all. For one, Cascades uses less than half the amount of water for the fabrication of their paper products than other companies; that is the sort of environmental approach that they value and preach.

They have completely eliminated BPC's from their manufactures. Their distribution system is also green. They use only diesel for their cars and trucks, fitted with tires that consume less. All Cascades' vehicles consume 10 litres for every 100 kilometers, or less.

Cascades is also conscious of the amount of water used throughout their entire manufacturing process. They create the least amount of waste possible and they keep the amount of greenhouse gases they release to a minimum. They recycle aerosol, paint, plastic film, batteries, used solvents, glass, metal, wood, rubber, electric wire, lamps, used oil, paper, and cardboard. They also purchase used equipment for their offices and manufacturing facilities. The owners believe that the North-American mentality will eventually change and that more companies will follow suit soon.


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