Candy Giant Wants to Power its 37 US Factories with Wind

MARS Inc, the giant candy and pet food maker from the United States of America, has recently decided to take a huge step towards energy sustainability by announcing that, soon, it will start the construction of a massive wind farm in the state of Texas. This farm will produce enough energy to power all operations of MARS Inc in the US, which means that their 37 factories and seventy offices will be operated using clean and green energy.

This initiative, which is part of MARS's "sustainable in a generation" plan, features a wind farm that will be located in Lamesa, Texas, powered by 118 GE turbines, 1.7MW each, that will generate about 800,000 megawatt-hour each year - the same as powering over 60 thousand US households. This power will be enough to suffice the needs for their 37 factories, representing 24 per cent of their factory and office global carbon footprint.

The construction of the wind farm will begin in the end of this year, and it is expected that 10 turbines will be placed each week, being finished and fully operational by the middle of 2015. Of course, not all factories and offices will be directly connected to the farm, as this would be almost logistically impossible to achieve. However, the electricity generated by the farm will indeed be equivalent to the energy those factories and offices consume, so in the end there will be a balance.

Such a step is to be praised, specially taking into account the dimension of this company. Hopefully, this move by MARS Inc will lead the way for other companies to follow the same path, just like IKEA recently did by presenting a similar (yet smaller) initiative. If more companies enter this boat, this will obviously be great for everyone and, specially, for our environment, in the pursue of a clean and sustainable world.

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