Building Your New Home Green

Building your new home green means, your new home’s built and run with the environment in mind. Global warning threats increase daily, so do your part by making as little of an impact as possible. Select your new bathtubs, faucets, home supplies, and appliances that are good for the environment. When remodeling your old home or building a new one, make the choice to build with the environment in mind. The greener your home, the healthier the environment will be. So, shop around for paints, stains, wood, drapes, and other decoration from environmentally friendly stores.

Use green building material for your remodel or new home.

Before planning your remodel or new home, think of the environment. Many companies offer environmental building material. Consider the new recycled wood made from plastics, lightweight concrete, stone, straw, wood, and earth.

1. Think soil, think earth.

What better way to be environmentally friendly, but choosing a building material made from earth? The earth we walk on makes a great environment, friendly bricks from cob, adobe, and rammed earth.

2. Building with concrete?

In the last 50 years contractors in the United States have been using lightweight concrete for building. The lightweight concrete has better fire resistant properties and insulation. When poured uses a smaller foundation with fewer structural reinforcement steel. The lightweight concrete makes a positive impact on the environment.

3. Thinking of using recycled manufactured building materials?

If a new home’s made from dirt, trees, or straw doesn’t appeal to you then use new recycled manufactured building materials. Using these materials makes a great home that is energy efficient and thinks of the environment.

4. Is your heart set on wood?

Before deciding on wood for your new home, consider the over harvesting of forests worldwide. The world’s greed has out passed the abilities of the forest to regenerate. But, if wood is what you want, then build your new home using a stick framed, timber framed, and log wood. If you live in an area with old fallen down barns, speak to the owners about buying their wood. Old barn wood makes a great home when cleaned up.

Consider one of the green home styles for your new home.

Today contractors offer many styles of green home to choose from. Different styles available:

1. Environment friendly conventional styled home.

The home fits the conventional styling of homes seen in the Western world. The floor plans have vertical walls and rectilinear floor plans. Conventional styles include traditional, modern, bungalow, Victorian and southwestern.

2. Environment friendly rounded homes.

Rounded homes, structural shapes are significantly curved or rounded. People who have built their home using natural material and rounded shapes, say they feel closer to nature. Their homes are built with natural material giving them a touch of nature.

3. Thinking about a new Earth home to live in?

The new Earth home styles or green homes are built partly or entirely into the earth. The home’s built six feet below the surface of the ground consume less energy to heat and cool the home. The temperature below the ground surface only varies a few degrees year-round. Saving energy heating your home, helps the environment from depleting all natural resources.

Next time you remodel or build a new home think green. Save the environment and its natural resources for your children. Do your part for the environment today, so tomorrow there will be a place for your children.

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Ann Johnston

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