Brooklyn's Barclays Center (World's Most High-Tech Stadium) is Getting a Green Roof

Brooklyn's Barclays Center is considered to be one of the most high-tech stadiums in the World, opened back in 2012 and is part of a $4.9 billion sports arena, and future business and residential complex. It is home for the Brooklyn Nets, a basketball team competing in the NBA, and also hosts several concerts, conventions and alike sporting events.

The arena has been inaugurated under the pitch "the most high-tech stadium in sports" and, in fact, it most likely is. It has free Wi-Fi, LTE and 3G services, and an specific mobile app that allows fans to order an pay for food without even leaving their seats. It also has 8,000 feet of LEDs, along with the "Oculus": a 360 degree structure with a giant LED screen.

Initially, the plans for the Barclays Center had a "green roof", covering the entire structure that would also serve as a public plaza. Eventually, this roof did not make the final design, which was kind of disappointing. But recent news have stated that the architects, along with nature authorities, are willing to put that green roof on top of the Barclays Center.

It is planned to have an area of 130,000 square feet (12,078 square meters) and a composition consisting of small plants and soil-like cover. Not only this green roof will improve the landscape of the surroundings, replacing a white roof for a garden, it will also help to restrain the sound from the concerts, which has been a common complaint among the nearby residents.

The implementation of a green roof in such a famous and formidable building is yet another proof that green roofs are nothing but positive, as they not only improve the sight, but they also are environmentally-friendly and help utilizing the rainwater - a bit like the green walls, which were previously covered here on Wind.

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