Agritourism: Inspiration For Future Generations

Following the popularity of ‘farm-to-table’ TV shows driven by people’s desire to live the good life and return to living off the land, agritourism resorts are booming.  One major player in this current fad is Winvian Farm in Connecticut.

The farm in Morris is inspired by healthy eating and the craze for earth-to-menu meals offering visitors the chance to enjoy wonderful food and comfortable lodging.  The food served is all grown on the farm.  It’s organic and non-GMO.  Guests are invited to help contribute to the ‘menu with a conscience’ by picking fresh produce for their next meals.  Through the process of seeing the food growing, harvesting it and then watching it being prepared and cooked, visitors can experience a real sense of living well from the land.

Winvian Farm has over three acres of fruit and vegetable gardens, greenhouses, and an apiary.  It is also home to livestock including pigs, chickens and sheep.  For almost two thirds of the year, all of the produce served to guests comes from the farm.  For the remainder of the year, organic, locally sourced items are used.  You can also enjoy one of many locally sourced biodynamic wines with your meal if you wish.  This keeps the farm truly eco-friendly and avoids the carbon footprint left by using foods shipped in from other states and countries.

The farm’s environmentally friendly approach does not stop at food.  There’s an onsite irrigation system which uses water drawn from a source in the grounds so that no water is wasted during the growing seasons.  The water served to guests is filtered on-site too in order to cut down the use of bottled water – a saving of some 15,000 bottles every year!

Guests stay in 18 individually designed cottages, and there’s also a special suite located in Winvian Farm’s history farmhouse which dates from the 1700's.  Just because the farm encourages guests to get back to living off the land doesn’t mean there isn’t a touch of luxury involved.  There’s a swimming pool from which guests can enjoy views of the farm and gardens and a large spa.

In Conclusion

Winvian Farm is just one shining example of how a thriving and successful business can be built around the idea of sustainable resources and organically grown locally sourced foodstuffs.  Let’s hope this growth industry continues to thrive and inspires consumers to insist on a more farm-to-table ecologically sound supply chain for the future.


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