6 Ways To Recycle Your Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are colorful, unique and inventive. They can be recycled in so many ways. Don't throw them out! On snow days or the week-ends when the kids say they are bored put them to work on some of these activities and check this list for inventive ways to re-use those cards:

Gift tags: My grandmother taught me this one. By using pinking sheers, leftover ribbon and a hole punch you can make some very attractive tags for gifts. Cut the prettier part of the card either square, circular, oval or even in triangles. Use the hole punch in a strategic corner and then slip the ribbon through it. Tie a bow and you're done!

Gift bags: Gift bags for next years gifts is quite a savings. You can take any bag from grocery or department stores and cover the shop or store labels with pictures you've cut from Christmas cards. Put a bow made of ribbon just above the portion of card you've used. Wrap your gift in tissue paper and put it in the bag. This looks especially nice with a tartan ribbon and brown paper bag.

Christmas tree ornaments: Use a pretty shape cut from a Christmas card to put on a bundle of ribbon wrapped cinnamon sticks. You've wrapped them in ribbon leaving a loop for hanging and with a small dab of glue affixed the pretty shape from a card to the center of this. These look so pretty and give off such a delicious scent.

Christmas mobile or keepsake: Several matching pairs of Christmas card remnants cut in heart, tree shapes, even squares or circles placed back to back facing out and then laminated. Punch a hole in them at the top and make a child friendly and colorful "string" or mobile to decorate with next year. You could also add a piece of plain-colored construction paper to the back instead and put the name and date of the person who sent the card for a nice keepsake to hang on the tree.

Christmas confetti: This is great fun and can be used in several ways. By using a hole punch or special Christmas one choose the most colorful part of cards or even scraps of old wrapping paper and make confetti. Children can be kept busy for hours with this one! These can be used on the Christmas gift table, a pinch in gifts or cards and even take some to the New Years Eve party.

Christmas card screensaver: By scanning your favorite card(add your favorite messages too if you like) into the computer using a photo program you can make cards into a Christmas screensaver or wallpaper. This is a great memento that can be done every year and kids love it.

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