5 Tips to Environmental Friendly Physical Activity

Health is an important part of our lives, being one of the basis for us to achieve our everyday goals. Even though it may not be quite easy, specially in psychological terms, we must do our best to perform physical activities regularly, so why not doing that in a more environmental friendly way? Use the following five tips to do so:

1. Disposition

Before starting any training, you should make sure you have the time and disposition for it. The beginning is hard, but in the short term you will realize that it is worth the suffering. Remember that, before enrolling in such activities, you should see a doctor, so that you can be followed and have a specific plan for you. With this, you will do a more "effective" eating and spending.

2. Exercising only at the gym?

No. Despite the financial costs of a gym, exercising outdoors in public places is actually better for you. Even though people often thing otherwise, it is perfectly possible to do your exercises in parks, woods, beaches, mountains and so on. Verify the structures you have nearby and make arrangements with friends or family - exercising with someone else is much easier and fun.

3. Public exercise equipments

Some parks, beaches and other public places provide equipments for physical activities, much like the ones found in a gym. You can use those for free, so try to figure out if there is such a place near you. Then, go to a physical instructor so that you can have an exercise plan made. This way you can do your routines outside and save some bucks.

4. "I do not have time to exercise"

Well, that is probably a lie. With a rational management of your time, you will surely find some free spot for some physical activity. Also, why use the car or the bus to go to work/school, if you can go by foot? That way you save money on gas or tickets, you help the environment and you have some physical activity while at it.

5. Water bottles

There is no point in trying to have a "greener physical activity" if you are going to buy a plastic water bottle for each training session. Plastic is a major "villain" in terms of emissions and pollution, so avoid using it at all costs. Buy a specific reusable bottle or, if you prefer, keep only one plastic bottle and do not throw it away, so that you can refill it the next day.

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