5 Gadgets for a Greener Home

More than in any other time in history, our society is aware and focused to solve environmental issues. This translates into a constant demand and development of new, inventive and effective ways of doing tasks by using energy the most responsible and cleaner way possible.

In this article I will present five modern gadgets for your home, which will make it not only greener but also smarter.

Learning Thermostat

Developed by Nest, this thermostat goes way beyond what normal ones do. This Learning Thermostat does exactly what the name implies: it learns. Not only about user's habits, like the preferred temperatures, but also the Sun's movements, the times when it is mostly used, and so on. In the end, this thermostat is a smart device that conserves energy, saving the environment and your wallet.

RoadRunner II Showerhead

Baths are huge water consumers, but as they feel so good, people have a hard time making them shorter. Therefore, we need something to help us save water: people at Evolve developed the RoadRunner II Showerhead, that reportedly saves up to 8 gallons (30 liters) of water for each five minutes of use.

Extech High Temperature IR Thermometer 42540

Most of the energy used in our homes goes for heating, so it is vital that leaks are avoided, in order to maximize the efficiency. With this thermometer, developed by Extech, you will be able to roam your house searching for leaks, making their fixation easier.

Philips L Prize LED Light Bulbs

After many years using the same old light bulbs, technology has advanced enough to bring innovations on this end. Nowadays there are many energy-saving options, and the L Prize LED light bulbs by Philips are undoubtedly one of the best around, with a longer life and lower consumption rates.

iGo Green Power Smart Tower

Some of the devices we have in our homes use energy even though they are not exactly turned on or working. This "power tower", with 8 power outlets and 2 USB ports, provides the means to only power those devices when they are really being used, "unplugging" them on all other times. This will help you to save huge amounts of energy, and also cut down your bills.

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