4 Best Recycling Tips for Your Daily Life

The facts speak for themselves. Americans generate more than 200 million tons of trash a year with an average person producing about 4 pounds of trash daily and 1.5 tons of solid waste annually. There is a great need for recycling programs and initiatives to recycling what of this trash we can and the article below covers some of the four best recycling tips you can now incorporate into your daily life to help.

1. Start Right at Home

Put your mind on recycle mode and make certain that everyone in your home know the difference between the blue trash bin and the green colored bin—and what goes into each. This is not rocket science. With more that 75% of our waste being recyclable, only 30% of it is ever actually recycled. Let's start with the basics at home, and soon we'll be able to see vast improvements across the landscape of our community.

2. Single Stream Recycling

Learn more about single-stream recycling programs that permit a co-mingling of certain products. Some items made of glass, plastic, paper and cardboard are now placed in the same recycling bin without a need for sorting them out first.

3. Curbside and Drop-off Depositories

It is sad to report that 87% of Americans already have immediate access to curbside or drop-off depositories for newspapers and other paper materials—and hardly ever use them. That being said, although newspaper sales have dropped off considerably over the years, just recycling one-tenth of today's discarded newspapers could potentially save 25 million trees annually. Subscribing to an online news service might be the answer to this one.

4. Reach Out To Your Community by Getting Educated

Get familiar with other programs and community initiatives related to recycling efforts on the local, state and national levels. Many waste disposal service providers, such as Lakeshore Recycling in Chicago, have insightful and informative websites to help the public. In addition to their recycling efforts, a concerned citizen’s visit to the website of one these service providers offers valuable information as to what they can do to remove residential, business and industrial materials from their properties.

To say that there are literally thousands of excellent recycling tips for our daily use would be an understatement. However, by beginning with these four simple-to-implement tips mentioned above, we can reduce the amount of waste that we would otherwise toss in a landfill.

Many times, it's not what you don’t know that makes a difference, but it's doing the things you already know that really counts.

Anica O

Anica O

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