10 Up-Cycling Ideas To Make Simple Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

These are fun DIY activities for kids and the whole family. During the holidays kids will enjoy a project to keep them busy while they are indoors. By using recycled items such as plastic jugs, old clothes, cork, twigs, magazines, old broken jewelry, buttons, used paper, and toilet paper cores you can make all kinds of decorations and teach your children to recycle. They are all simple to do and all you need is up-cycling materials you may be about to throw away. Here are some ideas:

1. Take a toilet paper center and cute it in five or six rounds the same width. Glue them together in a star shape. Put a piece of no longer used or broken jewelry, picture from a re-cycled Christmas card or whatever you like in the middle. Glue a ribbon or piece of string to the top in a loop to hang it on the tree.

2. Roll up pages from magazines, scraps of wrapping paper, maps, newspaper, etc. into a cone shapes. Start with short ones in the middle gluing them together into a circle. Then make the next row longer until you have shaped a wreath out of re-cycled paper.

3. Take two small triangle bits of wrapping paper and fold them in accordion fashion. Then use more wrapping paper and fold it into a cone. Place the two accordion shapes on either side of the point of the cone. Add a wooden ball or wadded up paper into a ball for the head and you have an angel.

4. By cutting different sized circles out of material(fleece, felt or thicker type material) you can stack them up and make small Christmas trees for center pieces or mantel-piece decorations. With a needle and string or embroidery floss about 20 inches long knot both ends together start with the bottom of the tree and build by putting the needle through the middle until you have your tree. Use a thread spool for the trunk.

5. Fun personalized stockings can be made from old socks, felt jumpers or left over felt. Use glitter and glue to write names on them. Glue old buttons, and designs of all kinds on them.

6. Melt old candles and make re-cycled candles for display. Pour the melted wax into re-used candle dishes, yogurt containers, small milk cartons, plastic bottles cut to size.

7. Re-use burnt out light globes by painting them and putting ribbon, jingle bells, string, colored paper, etc. on them to decorate them. Makes a great snowman. Put a loop of sturdy string at the top to put it on the tree or elsewhere.

8. Re-use pop can tabs by gluing them to a circle of plastic from a milk jug or plastic water jug to make a star. Add glitter, paint, or parts of re-used broken jewelry.

9. Take bits of twigs, pine twigs, sticks, and twigs and put them together in a circle, star or square. Use these for frames to put pictures of those that can't join you on the Christmas tree. Just put a loop of ribbon or string at the top to make a ornament to put on the tree.

10. Buttons and popsicle sticks can make cute stars or frames for pictures to put on the Christmas tree. Or string same colored (red and green or both) buttons on a wire. Fashion it into a circle for a wreath. Put a ribbon at the top and make a loop to hang it on the tree.

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