10 Simple Tips to Save Energy

10 Tips to Save Energy

Have you noticed the recent changes in the weather lately? It's either too hot or too cold. If this is the effect of Global Warming, then we must do something to fight and reduce these effects. Some may require you to shell out some cash but some don't cost anything at all! Here are some tips:

1. Turn off the lights when you leave – This is basic. If you're not using the room, then shut the lights off. Not only does it save energy, it will cut down costs on your electric bill!

2. Replace your regular incandescent light bulb to a compact2. fluorescent light bulb – CFLs produce 60% less energy than a regular light bulb. It also lasts longer. With this you will save 300lbs of carbon dioxide a year.

3. Use energy efficient refrigerators – 11% of your house's total energy consumption is used by these. If you want to save energy, don't use old models. The new energy-efficient ones use 50% less energy.

4. Clean your air conditioner units – Aircon filters should be cleaned at least once per quarter. Besides not damaging the unit, clean air filters can save 350 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

5. Don't leave your appliances on standby mode – Turn appliances off and unplug it. Using a television for 3 hours and leaving it on standby for 21 hours uses about 40% of its energy on standby.

6. Leave your car behind – Walk or commute for a change. Not using your car for two days a week will save 1,590 pounds of greenhouse gas emission in a year.

7. Use a laptop than a standard desktop computer – besides having a handy PC, laptops use 90% less energy than a standard desktop.

8. Use reusable shopping bags – Instead of using disposable bags, reuse other bags. Wastes discharges CO2 and methane into the atmosphere that pollutes the air and soil.

9. Go for fresh than frozen – Fresh food is produced 10 times less energy than frozen foods.

10. Plant a tree – One ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime is absorbed by a single tree. It also provides shade. If planted near your home, trees can also reduce your air conditioning bill up to 15%.

Let's face it, Global warming is a problem and it's getting worse. We don't need to wait for others to solve this problem. We should also help by doing these simple ways to help save energy. Take the first step to save the planet before it's too late.

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