10 DIY Recycled Crafts for Your Home

One great way to reuse your old jelly jars, CDs, food cans, plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls, or even those heavy-duty rolls inside all your plastic wrap and aluminum foil is to make recycled crafts. 

Making recycled crafts is a fantastic way to decorate your home and help save our landfills at the same time. Each one of these crafts makes a beautiful addition to your home for under $10. Most of these ideas will cost nothing to make because you have these items lying around your home. 

  1. Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Saran Wrap Tubes: Next time your saran wrap or aluminum foil is empty don’t throw away the tube. Instead, use the tube to make these adorable napkin rings for your home. They are wonderful for dinner parties, summer picnics and gifts. Everyone will be amazed that you made these using a recycled saran wrap tube.
  2. Soup Can Caddy: This is an excellent craft project that makes a fantastic caddy for your summer BBQ's. This project is made out of recycled soup cans, broken handles, rope and beads. You can use any recycled wood and other items found around your home.
  3. DIY Recycled Mason Jar Soap Pump: Mason jars or any other jar can be used to make soap pumps for your home or as gifts. This is a fantastic way to decorate your kitchen or bathroom with an adorable recycled soap pump made from mason jars.  
  4. Pretty Spring Napkin Rings: There’s no need to buy anything to make this beaded napkin rings. You can find all the old beads and wire at home. You might need to buy some paint if you wish to paint the beads.  
  5. Organization Boards: No need to buy plywood or picture frames to make this project. Look in the garage for scraps of plywood and around your home for old picture frames. This is a fantastic idea to help organize your life.
  6. Door Organizer: I am sure everyone has an old wooden louvered door or window laying their home. You hate to throw them away, but you don’t want them hanging in your home. If you have no idea what to do with these doors or windows here is a great craft project that turns these doors and windows into a beautiful organizer.  
  7. Using Mason Jars for Pantry Organization: Here is a fantastic way to organize your pantry. Recycling old mason jars and adding a touch of elegance adds to any pantry.  
  8. Recycled Bottle Vase: After emptying your wine bottles, beer bottles, or even your olive oil bottles don’t throw them away. Instead, turn them into a beautiful recycled bottle vase for your home, office, friends, family, and gifts.
  9. Simple Decorated Clothespins: Everyone has wooden clothespins laying their home or garage. If you have no idea what to use wooden clothespins for, make this great craft project. This is a fantastic way to recycle old clothespins and turn them into handy magnets for your refrigerator, hanging up artwork or giving as a gift.  
  10. Butterfly Napkin Holders: No need to run to the craft store to buy these supplies. Instead, look around your home for what you need. You can find old fabric flowers you have hidden away in boxes. Take them out, clean them up, and get to work making these adorable napkin holders.  

In Conclusion

These are just a few ways to turn items around your home into beautiful reusable art. Just look around your home and use your imagination to create beautiful recycled crafts for your home. 



Julie Sinclair

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Julie is a retired teacher who loves the outdoors. Julie plants vegetables and herbs. Julie loves saving the planet from chemicals and pollutions. Julie finds uses for all her recycled goods.

Julie Sinclair

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